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April 23rd

Week of April
1. Be sure you have completed steps 1-3 below from the week before vacation--due no later than THURSDAY.
2. Begin working on your thesis and topic sentences for outline. Outline will be due on Thursday, April 25th.
3. Rough Draft due Monday, April 29th (at least 5 pages w/works cited page).

Period 5B Checklist for Senior English
Week of April 8th-April 11th

Please work on the following items for Senior English next week:

1._Finish Source Notes #1 (share with Mrs. O’Neill)

2._Complete Short Story Notes #3 (share with Mrs. O’Neill)

3._Complete Reflection #3 (Print off for Mrs. O’Neill)

If you complete the assignments above, work on the following:

1.Source Notes #2 (share with Mrs. O’Neill)

Source Notes #3 (share with Mrs. O’Neill)

3.__Begin working on your outline
March 18th

Weekly Schedule:

1. If you did not turn in your Reflection #1 today (Monday), please be sure to email it to Mrs. O ASAP.

2. Story/Poem Notes #2 Due Wednesday, March 20th (end of class).

3. Working Works Cited Page due Friday, March 22. (We'll do this together in class on Friday.)

4. Reflection #2 Due Tuesday, March 28th.
March 15th
1. Finish writing your reflection #1--due at the beginning of class on Monday.
Monday March 11th-Wed.,
March 13th
This Week's Research Paper Deadlines
1. Monday end of class: First set of notes (Google doc). Share with me when you are finished. Complete for homework on Wednesday.
2. Wednesday end of class: First reflection due at the end of class.
February 27th
1. Creative Writing (poem) due Friday or Tuesday at the latest.
2. Remember to touch base with me at the beginning of period 5 before moving to the assembly.
Feb. 12th
1. Study for Vocabulary Quiz for Thursday. These are the Earnest Vocab. #2 we did in class below.
2. Be sure that Earnest Questions #3 & 4 assigned for the weekend homework are also completed. I forgot to collect these in class yesterday!
Feb. 3rd.
1. Do questions #3 and 4 on Earnest worksheet
2. Study Vocabulary
3. Victorian Manners Game Link

Feb. 3rd
1. Do questions #1 & 2 of Act I Earnest Packet given out in class.
Feb. 4th
1. Study for Earnest Vocab. Quiz on Monday 2/4.
Jan. 30th
1. Write sentences for your Earnest vocabulary. Sentences are due at the start of class on Thursday.
Jan. 23rd
Study for Short Story Test. You can use this Googledocs Link to help you study! Remember that the test is this Thursday.
Good luck studying!
Jan. 15th
1. Read "A Rose for Emily" by William Faulkner
2. Do close reading questions for "A Rose for Emily." Questions are below.

Monday, Jan.
1. Study for our Literary Terms Quiz on Wednesday. Remember that the quiz will be multiple choice and will include all of the terms we took notes on in class. Come prepared to do well.

2. If you did not complete you "Lottery" analytical paragraph, please be sure to finish it for class on Wednesday. It's one of our last grades for the quarter, so be sure to finish this up.
Jan. 9th
1. Finish "The Lottery" analytical paragraph. Remember that your body paragraph should have three examples and two to three pieces of analysis that follow your quotes which explain what that quote reveals about the argument in your topic sentence.

2. Study your literary terms for our test next week!
Jan. 8th
1. "The Lottery" Questions

Jan. 2nd
1. Complete your "Cathedral" analytical paragraph for class on Friday 1/4.


Happy Holidays! Enjoy Your Vacation!

Dec. 14th
1. Be sure that all your assignments are caught up!

2. Come to class with a good start on your analytical paragraphs for "The Storm." On Tuesday, we will finish your analytical paragraphs on "The Storm" and begin "The Cathedral."
Dec. 4th
1. Have your POL poem memorized and ready to recite this Thursday, Dec. 6th!

2. Bring in your coffee house snack items for Thursday!
Here is the list of what you have signed up for:
Anna: chips
Matt: drinks
Dillon: chips
Ege: M & Ms
Marion: tea
Mike: cookies
Andrew: iced tea

3. If you have not turned in the "final draft" of your college essay, please be sure to turn it in to Mrs. O'Neill no later that Thursday's class. I will not accept late work after this Friday--remember progress reports are this Monday, Dec. 3rd, so be sure to get any late work in to me by THURSDAY/FRIDAY at the latest.
Nov. 28th
1. Please complete your POL poem analysis and reflection. Use the following sheets below.

Nov. 26th
1. Complete Vocabulary #4 sentences--be sure you have written one full sentence for each of the vocabulary words.
Nov. 6th
1. Turn in a rough, rough draft of your college essay for Thursday, Nov. 8th. It should be at least 500 to 700 words.
2. Vocab. #3 Quiz--study!
Oct. 31st
1. Be sure that interviews are completed by this Friday, Nov. 1st. We will not have class time to work on your interviews, so be sure that everything is completed by then. Remember that these interview projects go on your Q1 grades, so project must be
completed no later than Thursday.

2. Take one of our three "quick writes" from class on Wednesday, and type it up to one full page, double spaced and typed. Remember to add the following things:

a. two adverbial clauses as openers
b. to prepositional phrases as openers
October 29th
1. Be sure that interviews are completed by this Thursday, Nov. 1st. We will not have class time to work on your interviews, so be sure that everything is completed by then. Remember that these interview projects go on your Q1 grades, so project must be
completed no later than Thursday.

2. We will start college essays on Thursday.

3. Keep studying Vocab. Lesson #3!
October 24th
1. Keep studying our Vocab. #3 words--they are posted on our Vocab. Page on the wiki.

2. Be sure that interviews are completed and finished by the end of class Monday, October 29th.
October 23rd
1. Keep studying our Vocab. #3 words--they are posted on our Vocab. Page on the wiki.

2. Be sure that interviews are completed and finished by Thursday, October 26th.

3. Be sure that your narratives (on the Googledocs) are completed also by Thursday, October 26th. Remember that your introductions and
conclusions should be at least one paragraph (5-7 sentences) and your middle sections (early childhood, high school, etc. should be at least 3-4
Friday, October
1. Study Vocab. #3 words!
2. Begin writing your narratives for your interviews: introductions, middle parts, and conclusion. Start thinking about how you might want to organize
your interview: what parts will come first, second, etc.?
October 9th
1. Vocab. Quiz #2 on Thursday! Study words. Posted on wiki under "Vocabulary" on the home page.
2. Be sure that your interview is conducted no later than this weekend. You should have your "text" by Monday at the latest.
October 4th
1. Begin studying Vocab. Lesson #2.
2. Keep working on you interviews.
October 2nd
1. Be sure to set up your interviews and have them completed by next Friday 10/9.

2. Be sure to fill out the interview sheet that is attached below and come to class with it complete. Please send Mrs. O an email if you do not yet have
someone to interview.

Sept. 28th
1. Interview Project Assignment: Set up your interview with your interviewee: date, time, meeting place. Be sure you set up this meeting this
weekend. Schedule the interview no later than next Sunday, Oct. 7th. Allow yourself at least an hour. Be prepared to bring your computer to
record the interview via video or recording as well as your questions as well as paper to take notes.

2. Complete your interview questions: Be sure this weekend that you have generated 20-25 potential questions to ask your interviewee. Don't
forget to ask the "ice-breaking" questions and background questions first before diving into the more complicated questions.

3. Study for Vocabulary Quiz Lesson #1 on Tuesday, Oct. 2nd.

Have a great weekend! Go, Clippers!

Sept. 26th
1. Tonight, right up your interview into a story. Consider what might be an interesting "hook" to begin your story:
a. Something you don't know about..._ is.....
b. You might be surprised to know that ....
c. If you were to sit down for 30 minutes with _, you might discover...
d. Do you know how hard it is to _? Well ___ is a person who....

After you construct your opener, give some background about your person, and then dive into the more interesting aspects of your story. Remember, you job is to make your interviewee sound interesting.

2. Study your vocabulary words!

Monday, Sept.
1. For Wednesday, please come to class with your "narrative" of the student who you interviewed in class on Monday.
Your narrative should be one paragraph long (no longer than a page), typed and double spaced with MLA heading.
Remember that your goal is to make this person sound interesting and exciting, so try to give some background on the person,
but also write about something interesting about that person.

Good luck and have fun!
Sept. 17th
1. Finish writing the free writing that you started in class today. It should be typed, double-spaced with and MLA heading. It should be 1-1/2 pages
in length.

2. Add to your piece as you write: dialogue, action verbs, specific detail/concrete nouns, imagery (smell, taste, touch, sound, sight!).
Friday, September
Glass Castle Point of View Creative Writing
Due Tuesday, Sept. 18th
1 1/2 pages, double-spaced, and typed.

1. Reread pp. 113-115 from The Glass Castle (the Christmas scene).
2. Choose one of the sections of the scene to rewrite from a different point of view (Brian's, Rex's, the mother (Rose Mary),
one of the sisters (Lorrie or Maureen) or the Christmas tree salesman.
The scene as three parts: a. the preparation for Christmas/buying the tree
b. Rex embarrasses the family in church
c. Dad lights up the tree with his Christmas gift.

Directions: As you write, remember that the "I" in the story is someone other than Jeanette. Also, remember to use our writing techniques we've been practicing: imagery, dialogue, concrete nouns, adjectives out of order, and action verbs. What does this narrator see that Jeannette cannot?
Requirements: Be sure that your creative writing is at least 1 1/2 pages, double spaced and typed, MLA heading.

MLA Heading:
Your Name
Mrs. O'Neill
Assignment Title: Glass Castle Point of View Creative Writing
18 September 2012 (no commas!)

3. Don't forget your Portland Stage Permission slips--due Tuesday 9/18.
1. Prepare for SummerREAD! The sheet you need to help you prepare for the SummerREAD is below:

2. Finish "About You" Assignment--please be sure it is typed, name at the top left hand corner, and assignment title.

3. Keep reading The Glass Castle!
Monday, Sept. 10th
1. Prepare for SummerREAD discussions tomorrow. Use template above.

2. Keep reading The Glass Castle if you have not finished reading it.