Welcome to our Interview Project Sheet!

Senior English
Mrs. O’Neill and Mrs. Walsh
The Interview Project

The interview project will have steps to it:

Examine professional interviews to get ideas about how to create a dynamic
interview and interview questions.

Choose someone in your own life to interview: family member, community member,
family friend, someone you consider a “hero,” someone you’ve always wanted to
talk to and find out what makes them the person who they are today.

Create interview questions that will generate an interesting and engaging interview.

Set up a time and place for your interview--give yourself at least one hour.

Decide if you’d like this to be a video project or a “pod cast” before you begin.

Conduct the interview! Remember to have your video or recording device read to
go, check that it’s working, etc. before you begin.

After the interview is done, follow up with a thank you note.

The final phase will be to put your interview together into either a podcast or an

Important Hand Outs